Fashion Source, Premi¨¨re Vision and Original Design Fashion Week, An International Three-in-One Event Leading the Fashion Supply Chain


From November 25 to 27, 2020, the 22nd Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition for Clothing Supply Chain, the 7th Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week, and Premi¨¨re Vision Shenzhen, organized by GL events Pengcheng (Shenzhen) Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Clothing China Association, are to be grandly held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

New Global Fashion Center
With the launch of the national development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen, as one of the core engines of regional development, will play a leading role as a special economic zone, a national economic center city and a national innovative city, and accelerate its construction of modern and international city, and endeavor to be an innovative and creative capital with global influence.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has attracted a number of major garment manufacturing centers, covering a variety of garment industry clusters including women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing, denim, wool and underwear. As a well-known women's clothing center with more than 3,000 clothing companies, more than 1,800 independent brands, about 30,000 fashion designers and more than 2,000 fashion retailers, Shenzhen has been a new global fashion center.

A Three-in-One Event in Shenzhen
The 22nd Fashion Source Shenzhen International Exhibition for Clothing Supply Chain with ¡°Link, business, trend, creativity, leadership¡± as the core, the 7th Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week themed ¡°Evolution¡±, and Premi¨¨re Vision Shenzhen targeted for ¡°Leading the global fashion trend¡±, three brands converge in Shenzhen, covering 1,300+ selected exhibitors, 28 fashion shows, 300+ designer brands and 40+ professional forums, and jointly highlight the strongest clothing supply chain business event from yarns, fabric and accessories to ready-to-wear and original brands.

Overlooking the Fashion Trends from a Global Perspective
Premi¨¨re Vision, a fashion exhibition leading the global trend, will be launched in Shenzhen for the first time and held concurrently with the Fashion Source. The first Premi¨¨re Vision Shenzhen has attracted more than 60 high-quality companies from all over the world, including design and fabric companies from the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Spain and Germany, as well as such six major categories as yarns, fabrics, accessories, leathers, textile design, and garment manufacturing. In addition the latest trend color cards, color codes, fashion information and fashion trends will also be unveiled in Shenzhen, living up to the expectation of the global fashion industry.

Original Design Inspires New Values in the Industry
Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week is China's first fashion week targeted for original design transactions, the first fashion platform tailored for designers, and the first precise docking platform with upstream and downstream industrial resources. It aims to support cutting-edge designs strength, promote upstream and downstream docking in the industry, facilitate design and market docking, and has been well received by the industry since its debut. Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week, together with Fashion Source and Premi¨¨re Vision, jointly and perfectly combine design strength and commercial implementation, and build a docking platform for the entire industrial chain from original design, textile raw materials to processing plants. The 7th Shenzhen Original Design Fashion Week, covering a series of rich content like the new product releases, product demonstrations, industry forums, and business exchanges, endeavors to cultivate new generation of original designers, precisely match the buyers, inspire all forces and resources in the industry, expand the market space of brands, lead the buyers' business mechanism, and stimulate new value of the industry with original designs.

Due to the changes in lifestyles, young people, the mainstream consumer group, has valued more the quality of life, pursued a healthy lifestyle and personalized, stylish and trendy athletic wear. Sports and leisure clothing is favored by more consumers, and global sports brands are also taking into account the functionality and fashion of their products.

Joining hands with TALENT EXPO, Fashion Source follows the trend and launches the ¡°2020 Fashion Source SPORT Exhibition for Fashion Supply Chain¡±, hoping to promote the efficient integration of upstream and downstream in the field of fashion sportswear, and to establish the most complete and efficient business platform for brands, manufacturers, designers, and retail companies of fashion sportswear, functional clothing and street fashions, realizing one-stop shopping in the supply chain in a real sense.

Personalized Consumer Market Stimulates the Rapid Development of Global Bespoke Tailoring
With the rapid economic and social development, more and more people are pursuing the personalized and quality life. The individualized and customized consumption will replace the wave style consumption, signifies that the bespoke tailoring industry highlighting ¡°personality and character¡± has quietly entered the billion-level market. Clothing enterprises will care more about consumer experience, tap and meet consumer needs, and the personalized consumer market will surely stimulate the rapid development of global bespoke tailoring.

Fashion Source Bespoke Exhibition is a professional bespoke B2B trade platform that, from fabrics, smart devices, smart factories, smart wear, customized accessories, customized brands to customized platforms, standing at the height of the top-level design, aims to create a professional vertical supply chain exhibition for customized apparel products, and further integrate the bespoke tailoring industry with strategic vision and industrial resources.

Wonderful Events Focusing on Industry Trends
After 20 years of development in the industry, Fashion Source is not only a traditional exhibition and trade platform for interconnecting the upstream and downstream of the textile and apparel industry and obtaining orders, but also a global publishing platform that leads the industry trend, releases forward-looking signals, supports cutting-edge forces, and builds industry benchmarks. The splendid series of activities during the exhibition symbolize the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional extension of Fashion Source, and also catalyze Fashion Source's future prospects for sustainable fashion development.

  • Premi¨¨re Vision AW 2021/22 Fashion Trend Release
  • FS China Apparel Supply Chain Summit
  • FUTURE TALK Original Design Forum
  • Fashion Source Fabric Trends
  • Fashion Source Knitting Trends
  • Fashion Source Exhibition Hall for the Trend of Fashion Sports Supply Chain
  • FS Business Matchmaking

Gathering in Shenzhen

As an international leader in the fashion supply chain, Fashion Source has been advocating the core value of ¡°Original Design Shaping the Future¡±, encouraging enterprises to cultivate and work hard under the new normal of industry characterized by consumption upgrades and market changes, innovate and spread the confidence in Chinese culture, and lead the Chinese textile and apparel industry at the forefront of fashion. Let¡¯s look forward to the grand gathering in Shenzhen on November 25-27.



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